2016 Abiqua Winds Vineyard Pinot Gris

2016 Abiqua Winds Vineyard Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris/Grigio
OR - Willamette Valley - Willamette Valley
$21.00 / 750 mL

  • Alcohol 11.80%
  • pH 3.14
  • Titratable Acid 7.1
Traditional old-world style fermentation in primarily neutral oak barrels showcases the characteristics of the own-rooted Abiqua Wind Vineyard Pinot Gris planted in 1978 on a steep hillside of the Cascade foothills. 20% new Hungarian oak was used to impart a unique texture and spice component. We began calling this wine the “Will, I am it” blend after finding out that we are not allowed to put the Willamette Valley appellation on the bottle due to some quirky regulations about our being a California winery making a wine from Oregon grapes. Not to be deterred, we use this nickname to pay homage to the grapes’ origin while complying with regulations. Read about our journey to Oregon here. This crisp but delicate pinot gris is excellent for sipping in the warm months, or as a complement to a light meal. 1488 bottles produced in our off-grid Humboldt County, California winery. More Info on website

Vineyard Name

Abiqua Winds

Brand for Terragena Vineyard
The Terragena Vineyard team, headed by winemaker and vineyard proprietor Chris Buchanan, crafts limited production wines with the same care and attention to detail that allowed us to develop our off-grid vineyard and winery in Humboldt County. We strive to create wines of elegance and grace that truly express the unique positive aspects of each vineyard’s location without added fluff or distraction. Terragena is a latin word meaning “born of the earth.” We harvest our grapes from the earth and gently parent them into finished wines.
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